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Southern Soul

Top Southern Soul Album June 2022


1 1 Donnie Ray I’m Just The Man For You Music Access
2 2 Arthur Young Drank My Liquor & Talk To Me Arthur Young
3 3 Jay Morris Group Long Story Short JMG
N 4 Vickie Baker Talkin’ In Your Sleep Moody B’s
5 5 Willie Clayton Soul Caesar EndZone
4 6 Tyree Neal Young Goat Of The Blues Jazzy
N 7 Luster Baker Show Me 2806506
7 8 J’Cenae Decency Smoothway Music
10 9 TK Soul Strawberry Jamz Soulful
6 10 Ricky White Unstoppable Special Soul
8 11 Bigg Robb Fantastic Jenner Music
13 12 Betty Padgett Ridin’ With The Blues Betty P
N 13 Jabo Facebook Love BlackGrove
N 14 Mello C. Melvin Mello C.
N 15 Princess Towanna Murphy Who Kat He Kissin’ Townna Murphy
N 16 Various Blues Mix 33: Party Mood  Ecko
9 17 Sir Jonathan Burton Me, Myself, My Guitar & I Copper 2 Gold
N 18 Leroy Allen Living On A Fixed Income CMN Music
N 19 Rue Davis Back In The Day Ruben E. Davis
11 20 Unkle Phunk Sing My Blues Away Unkle Phunk
15 21 Sir Charles Jones The Chosen 1 Music Access
16 22 Jeter Jones Trailride Certified 2 Jones Boyz
12 23 Karen Wolfe Fire & Ice Collaboration Sweet Success
N 24 Dee Dee Simon Dee Dee Simon Dee Dee Simon
14 25 J-Red The Nephew Nephew Swing Soul Mop